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These two all-natural marking materials have been used by professional tailors and dressmakers for centuries.  Our sturdy aluminum holders can be refilled for a lifetime.

Soapstone Fabric Marker and Soapstone Refills:

  • are perfect for medium-to-dark colored fabrics
  • can be sharpened with pencil sharpener
  • comes off easily with water and/or rubbing
Graphite and soapstone markers

Washable Graphite Marker and Graphite Refills:

  • are soft steel, hexagonally crystallized allotrope of carbon
  • will not set if inadvertently ironed before washing
  • diameter larger than lead pencil, sharpens in pencil sharpener
  • very soft, slides easily without pulling fabric, marks with a soft touch
soapstone marker for dark fabrics

Use the soapstone marker for
medium-to-dark colored fabrics.

graphite marker for light

Use the graphite marker for
medium-to-light colored fabrics.


#523 - Combo Marker (2 soapstone, 5 graphite) - $17.95
#503 - Graphite Marker (w/5 refills) - $14.95
#403 - Soapstone Marker (w/2 refills) - $12.95
#513 - Graphite Refills (10 per pk.) - $9.50
#413 - Soapstone Refills (5 per pk.) - $9.50

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